Latest Pakistani Walima Bridal Dresses

When you picture your Walima event, you imagine a beautiful light colored gown or a maxi that you would flaunt and look pretty in. Every girl wants a stunning walima dress and a fairy tale wedding and that is exactly what the latest bridal dresses for walima are this year. Long embroidered flared gowns, pastel colors and decent embroidery are in trend now; so all the bride- to- be are looking for that one perfect pakistani bridal dress for her walima.

Have you planned your wedding this year and have not decided what to wear on your walima? Here are some pretty bridal dresses combination pictures for your walima that you can take inspiration from. You can now make your fairy tale walima event true.

Now that pastel colors are in trend, you should opt for a light pastel color for your walima day. Like this light green pastel colored Pakistani bridal maxi. It is a beautiful pastel green color with dull gold and silver combination embroidery and a heavy embroidered green net dupatta.

Because white never gets out of style; here is a stunning pakistani bridal dress for walima for you. It is a very pretty white peplum and lehnga styled Pakistani bridal dress with off white and silver embroidery done decently all over the peplum and lehenga. Pair up with some decent jewellery and you will make one perfect walima bride.

Pakistani Bridal Dresses 2018

Same goes with stunning silver too. You can choose a heavily embroidered dull silver peplum and lehenga as peplums are now in style of 2018. Pink brides always look pretty on their walima event. Here is an inspiration for you if you are looking for a pink latest bridal dress. Choose a pastel pink color with gorgeous silver hand work embroidery and complete the look by wearing a net pastel pink dupatta.

A walima bride always looks for something luxurious and beautiful. And so is this amazing Pakistani bridal dress. It is a light dull brown color with silver hand work done heavily all over the long fall shirt. It is paired up with a silver banarsi farshi lehenga with gota work.

Here is another inspiration for all the brides who are looking for a amazing off white Pakistani wedding dress. It is an embroidered lehenga with plain banarsi choli and a full embellished dupatta.

Go royal on your walima; with this beautiful grey pakistani bridal dress. It is a grey embroidered hand work tail maxi in the combination with a pretty light pink color. Tassels are trending and the grey net dupatta with this stunning grey Pakistani bridal dress has grey tassels on the borders.

For your walima pakistani wedding dress, you can wear something like this. It is full embroidered farshi lehenga with net embroidered dupatta by Elan.

In 2018, brides are also choosing a pretty embroidered black shawl. If you are going to carry a shawl with your Pakistani walima bridal dress here is the best inspiration for you.

7 Startling Men's Undercut for 2018

Coming year men’s hairstyles will witness current trends to continue along with some changes as well. Undercut style is one of those that are going to retain their glamour and will continue to be a top choice of men in 2018. So, guys with long hair should keep waiting while taking good care of their looks to enter the New Year with their favorite hairstyle. The updates for the coming year will be shaved line, high fade and also various slick styles. These new cool styles help men to wear medium to long hair in a stylish manner.

Hair Cut Lookbook

Surgical Part With High Skin Fade

Being a classic undercut, this hairstyle goes with a quick skin fade up high above the head finely bordered with a surgical line at one side only. The hair does not fall at the backside of the head. 

Pomp Added With Undercut

Go easy with a blow dryer and give your long hair a hot air blow. This adds plenty of volume to your pomp and a curved bend. For longer staying power, use a good product too. Keep your undercut well defined by letting your pomp to be voluminous and prompt.

Slick Back With Undercut

Create a modern twist in the classic style of pomp. Although the hairs are side parted but you will be combing them on the diagonal run. They look awesome if you keep them slightly on either side and not straight back!

Wavy Hair With Undercut

Undercut has always been a preferred option for styling the hair of men. All textured hair go with this style. If you have wavy hair, shave the sides and leave the waves on the top area of the head messy but naturally maintained with some product.

Long Hair With Beard And Undercut

Long hair on top of the head is slicked back while beard is fully groomed. A touch of taper fade is added on the top and the sides are kept short with a gradual increase in the length of hair going upwards.

Undercut With Neck Length Long Hair

This is one of the top most popular undercuts and many famous models have kept this style. Hair is left long in this style on the top of the head until they fall to the end of the neck. Both sides are either shaved or cut very short. The long hairs fall on either side for a more appealing look. In this context Best Men’s Hairstyles for a Groomed Look is best example to follow for 2018 trends.

Man Bun With Undercut

Samurai man bun never goes out of fashion and in this hairstyle long hair with an undercut makes it happen for you. This style is simple but attractive. Gather all the hair in a samurai bun or just tie them behind. However, make sure to comb them finely as messy hair does not give the right aura. 

You can try these hairstyles in full version, especially, when there are still a couple of months left for the New Year to hit the calendar. So, leave your hair long and take good care of them for the new season and new looks. For more information regarding men's hair fashion you can visit Hair Style World i.e complete guide on hair fashion trends.. 

Top 7 Hairstyles for Asian Men 

Asian men often find it hard for them to come up with a haircut which suits them best as they prefer to look unique and different. If you are also facing problems with finding an appropriate haircut for yourself then just do not worry at all as there is hope and you can surely find something appropriate for yourself after reading this article. We have listed here some of the best hairstyles for Asian men that you can easily pull off to get the look you desire. So, check the list given below and find a style that works best for you.

Best Hairstyles For Asian Men

  1. Bob Cut
  2. Crew Cut
  3. Side Parted Hair With A Razor Line
  4. Slicked Back Lined Up Hairstyle
  5. Emo Hairstyle
  6. Spiky Haircut With A High Fade
  7. Long Combed Over Hair

Let’s take a look at these hairstyles in detail one by one.

Bob Cut

Anyone who likes keeping that messy look on his hair with medium length should find this haircut appropriate for him. The hair can be parted on a side while layers on the top can provide you with that rocking look you desire.

Crew Cut

This type of hairstyles is usually preferred by the businessmen as it can be maintained fairly easily. Skin faded sides combined with the shaved back provide you a cool look. But remember that some skills are needed for getting this cut right.

Side Parted Hair With A Razor Line

The side swept hair look clean, sexy and really classy and every man likes to give this style a try. The near razor and the shorter sides let the line turn this hairstyle into a more flirtatious and attractive haircut. Asian teens should find this haircut a perfect choice for them.

Slicked Back Lined Up Hairstyle

The look’s trademark is the slicked back hair with some lines on the top. The sides have high fades as well. This hairstyle is the most appropriate choice for those having rectangular or oval face shape. The haircut doesn’t really go well with the oblong or round face shapes.

Emo Hairstyle

Emo hairstyle isn’t just for the musicians or rock stars. Even common men can wear this hairstyle. Even though this hairstyle is really hard when it comes to maintenance and needs more of it compared to any other hairstyle. In Asia, this hairstyle is quite popular, particularly in Japan. One out of every four Japanese boys wears this hairstyle.

Spiky Haircut With A High Fade

The spiky haircut with a fade provides you that sexy and fresh look. This style might not be recognizable for you as it is actually popular among the Malaysian Men.

Long Combed Over Hair

The long combed over hairstyle provides you a unique look and is popular among those who wish to stand out among the crowd. Quite a few Asian models have been seen sporting the look in different photo shoots and fashion shows.

6 Top Men’s Hairstyles 2018 that work well with Beards

Everybody knows how difficult it can get for men to find a perfect hairstyles 2018 for them. The hassle increases even further when you are looking for something that works well with your beard. Obviously, nobody else can understand this as a man with beard would. You look for some sexy style which works well for you in your college and is equally great to give you that mature look you always desire. So, let’s cut your hassle short by providing with some of the best ideas on haircuts that you can opt for with a beard. Listed below are top 7 styles that you can choose without compromising your looks at all.

The Comb Over Hairstyle

When you have a beard, going for comb over hairstyles is a good choice to have that masculine look. It is, especially, a good choice for those with thick hair. Your heavy beard will look even more elegant and appealing with this style.

Ponytail Hairstyle

The ponytail or a man bun can be considered as sexiest possible hairstyle for men who love to keep their hair long. This hairstyle is not really easy when it comes to maintenance and requires you to take good care of it. For styling your man bun, the hair needs to be at least 6-7 inches in length and should be tied together using a rubber band.

Short & Spiky Quiff Combined with a Low Fade

If you are in search of something classy and want a unique hairstyle for yourself, spiky quiff is one inspirational hairstyle that you need. You can pull off your spiky hair using some wax or hair gel. Lift the hair upwards with the help of your fingers and create spikes as you like.

Short High Fade Wavy Hairstyle with a Mustache

Handlebar mustache can be considered as hardest and sexiest mustache that one can achieve. Men often try to get the style just because it’s trending. This look can easily be achieved by growing the beard and visiting your nearest salon.  

Trending Hairstyle of Tom Hardy

After his appearances in Inception and Mad Max, Tom Hardy received quite a bit of attention in media. During last two years or so, his hairstyle has been trending and everyone is looking to get a hairstyle similar to him. The best thing is that his hairstyle looks attractive with beard.

Undercut With a Slicked Back

Since 2014, we have seen that hairstyles with slicked back are trending increasingly. One amongst many different reasons behind this is that the hairstyle was worn by Brad Pitt in his movie “Fury”. Of course, anything endorsed by someone with a reputation like Pitt is definitely going to become a popular trend. As far as this haircut is concerned, it’s a conventional German haircut which was the style of almost every nazi soldier in World War II. The style requires you to have your sides and back shaved completely with clipper while the top hair is kept around 5-6 inches in length.

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